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We Prepare All Legal Documents, Affordably

‘Surely you require an attorney to file any lawsuit.’ This is a statement our experienced and bonded team of paralegals at Superior Court Docs hear on a regular basis. Yet, it is simply not true. Anyone is permitted to file a limited or unlimited civil lawsuit, and without paying what can be extremely high attorney fees. The key is to work with one of our career paralegal team members, making use of their depth of experience as a legal assistant. Indeed, many ‘supervising attorneys’ themselves make use of our legal paralegal services!

Here Are Some Key Services We Provide for San Francisco County

Our paralegal service team can deliver high quality work on time in the preparation of evictions, any future lawsuit , or the papers involved in a divorce situation. Our terrific team also regularly undertakes discovery work and in dealing with the possibility of superior court fee waivers. Landlords and tenants trust us to deal with eviction notice situations, plus the creation of demurrers and in ex parte documents, and the crafting of a motion to dismiss.

Cost-Effectively Delivering Just What You Require

Superior Court Docs is based in 5th Street in Los Angeles. Our registered Legal Documents Assistants work for many commercial and private clients right across San Francisco County. Whether undertaking extremely detailed paralegal California research work, or providing highly skilled writing services, our experienced team will always deliver, both on time and to required court standards. Our regular duties incorporate drafting of all types of both motions and legal pleadings, plus key memos. Our paralegals also regularly prepare judicial council forms.

Put The Superior Court Docs Team to Work For You

Our team know that the legal environment can seem complex, even worrying. We aim to use clear and simple language in all our discussions. Then, we will work to deliver the legal information you need. This allows you to make the best decisions you can about the actions you are considering, or have to respond to.

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